Media Partners

Cranes and Lifting


Cranes and Lifting, the premier independent trade magazine for the Australasian and NZ crane industries, delivers a potent blend of equipment updates, product insights, and industry highlights in each issue. Recognizing the pivotal role the lifting sector plays across diverse industries, it serves as a vital conduit for crucial equipment advancements. Published monthly, this indispensable resource caters to the construction, infrastructure, resources, and transport sectors, ensuring timely dissemination of essential information. With a dedicated focus on industry issues and innovations, Cranes and Lifting magazine stands as the go-to platform for professionals navigating the dynamic landscape of the lifting industry.

Manufacturer’s Monthly

Manufacturers' Monthly is a business-to-business magazine and a valuable reference tool for all members of the manufacturing industry.

Australian Mining

Since 1908, Australian Mining has informed the industry on the latest news and technologies from across the mining sector.

Safe to work

A community hub for workplace safety in Australia, Safe to Work is home to breaking news and feature-driven content, shining a light on the latest practices, technology and innovations that are keeping Australian miners out of harm’s way.


EcoGeneration is compulsory reading and a vital resource tool for all people working in renewable and clean energy industries.

EcoGeneration provides an in-depth look at trends and developments in the renewable and clean energy industries, as well as the latest technology, equipment and services that professionals in these arenas rely upon.